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Improve your Engine Performance with Our Complete HHO Generator Kits

New automatic refill 

We now offer a unique automatic refill system that lets you know when the water level is getting low and refilling the system automatically.


What is HHO?


HHO gas, also known as oxyhydrogen can greatly increase the fuel efficiency of cars in which it is used. HHO gas is created through a simple process of electrolysis - your vehicle does not run just on HHO but rather a hybrid of gasoline and HHO which powers the car. HHO has been shown to increase fuel efficiency by as much as 60% in some cases.

HHO is a hydrogen/oxygen compound, in a two to one ratio. This is of course the same proportion as found in water. Combustion is a process in which something is burned in order to release heat energy and begins when a substance is heated to its autoignition threshold.


This is the temperature at which a given substance will spontaneously ignite with no external source of flame needed. The autoignition temperature of HHO is 1065 degrees Fahrenheit and the amount of energy which would be required for this to happen is 20 microjoules. After being ingnited, HHO is converted to water vapor and also releases energy, which sustains this reaction.

More recently, HHO has been pressed into service helping cars to run on water.  When talking about the automotive applications of HHO it is often called Brown gas. Water will be stored under the hood of the vehicle and ignited by a spark form the car battery. The electrolysis of the water stored in the car will then begin and HHO or Brown gas will be produced as a result. The air intake valve of the car's engine will pull this gas into the combustion chamber. When mixed with gasoline, this Brown gas gives vehicles dramatically better gas mileage.

It is a simple matter to install your own HHO kit for your vehicle - this does not require any specialized knowledge; you don't need to know the first thing about cars to be successful in installing our complete HHO generator kit!


What results should you expect to have?

  1. Improve your engines performance.
  2. Your engine will run cleaner.
  3. Your engine will run smoother.
  4. Your engine will have more power.
  5. You will decrease carbon build up from unburned fuel.
  6. Your engine will run cooler.
  7. You should have better fuel mileage.
  8. Your vehicle will be more eco friendly.

Why Should I purchase from HYDRO-EXTRA LLC?


Here at Hydro-Extra, we want to save you money on your gas bill and improve the way your automobile runs. We have researched and found the best HHO generator system(s) for all of your automobile needs.

As you research any number of companies to purchase complete HHO generator kits from you find that we offer the most complete kits on the market today. We include everything you need less of course the tools to install your generator(s).

We have researched and continue to research all manners of HHO and it's applications.

We started out just looking at different generators and found that they were not what most beginners would be able to understand and use in their vehicles.

                    Our craftsmanship is our highest priority

All of our systems are designed to ensure a positive seal, which is why we use the nutted elbows, custom made heavy duty CVPC lids with a high temp. neoprene gasket, and braided hoses. All of our 316L stainless steel plates are laser cut for consistency. All of our plates are diagonally sanded. Each generator is carefully assembled and inspected to ensure that you receive a quality built complete kit, we clean all of our plates with isopropyl alcohol to prevent any oils that come from handling, we supply 10-gauge wiring with all the terminal connectors, and hose jumpers with every multiple jar kit that we sell. Our kits come equipped with brackets for the generator and ammeter/toggle switch, heavy duty zinc plated O2 extender, flashback arrestor, 40 amp.relay, 30 amp. amp. meter, 35 amp. toggle switch, 30 amp. auto reset breaker, easy fill plug in lid, and a bubbler. enough Potassium hydroxide for several years of service. We now offer an autofill system that automatically refills the generator (s) when the water level gets low, making our generators practically maintenance free. Also all of our kits come with a plumbing wiring schematic, complete installation instructions, E-Mail support and we are always available to assist with any help needed.


                             FREE SHIPPING for U.S. orders only



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                                  Our Mission Statement:

It is our mission to help you make your money go further by providing you with eco-friendly products that allow your vehicle to run on Hydrogen.


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