Hydro-Extra LLC

Improve your Engine Performance with Our Complete HHO Generator Kits

                                 About  our generators

Generator outputs

  • With the single carriage bolt design you can expect approximately 1/4 liter per minute.
  • With the triple carriage bolt design I have recorded approximately 1/2 liter per minute.
  • With the single nine plate 316L stainless steel design with one generator I have recorded 1 liter per minute.
  • With the nine plate 316L stainless steel two generator design I have recorded 1-1/2  liter per minute with better amperage control and less distilled water usage.
  • We also make a 13 plate electrode that the plates are configured +nnn-nnn+nnn- that produces approximately 1-3/4 liter per minute.

These were all tested at 20 amps. although we recommend running at 10 to 15 amps as this is were we are seeing your best mileage gains.

Our Lids

  • Our custom heavy duty CPVC lids, that are tapped through for both the terminal and hose barb connections and also have high temperature seals under the lids to ensure 100% seal. These will screw on to any wide mouth mason style jar, whether it be Ball, Kerr or Mason jars.  

All of our generators have interchangable electrodes

Another feature of our generators is whether it be a single carriage bolt, or 316L stainless steel plate design these are all at the same spacing which enables you to upgrade to the 18 ga. 316L stainless steel plate design. All of our plates have 1/16" thick nylon spacers and nylon nuts and bolts for neutral plates. All of the charged plates are connected at the top so you do not need straps or wires to carry the current.The pos./neg. plates are bolted together to the terminal lug so you can easily unbolt and configure the plates any way you want. These come configured +nnn-nnn+.

We cannot guarantee that you will see the same effects with your vehicle as we have with ours. We believe that you will see a lot of improvement with yours as well.

 Mason Jars or Plastic you decide 




We use mason jars because they allow you to better visualize operation, they do not break down like plastics, they are inexpensive to replace, should you ever need to.You can see exactly what your water level is. And they can take the heat.

We have just added high temperature clear pet plastic jars with heavy duty cpvc lids, the jars have a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +200 degrees Fahrenheit, when ordering please specify plastic or Mason Jar.