Hydro-Extra LLC

Improve your Engine Performance with Our Complete HHO Generator Kits

Care and Maintenance

 Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Dump and recharge your generator when there is a significant loss in amperage, Monitor water level at refueling, add only if low, Electrolyte only needs to be added when recharging.


 O2 Sensor

You will need to manipulate your O2 sensor as it sends information to your vehicles computer as to what un-burned oxygen it is seeing.

This adjustment can be achieved either mechanically or electrically.

We provide an O2 extender that moves your O2 sensor out of the main exhaust stream so your ECM does not recognize the amount of unburned oxygen. Some vehicles have more than one pre-cat O2 sensor, you will need to use an extender for every pre cat O2 sensor. Otherwise the vehicles computer will instruct your engine to apply more gasoline to compensate and you will end up using more gas.

The electrical method is to purchase a EFIE O2 enhancer or a MAF/MAP enhancer.

Every O2 sensor before the catalytic converter will need an extender or an EFIE O2 enhancer to tell the computer that it is still running at 14.7/1 ratio when actually you are running at approximately 15.5/1 which is where you need to be for best results.

Without these your vehicle will be back to running in it’s inefficient factory setting.

 Controlling your investment


When installing your HHO Generator system you will need to monitor your amperage and temperature which are controlled by the amount of electrolyte you use.

Our kits come with an amperage meter and you can get an inside/outside thermometer for about $15.00 at most automotive stores which have a long enough temperature sensor to run from the cab to your generator.

I also install a toggle switch inside the cab so you can shut the unit off at anytime.

Are generators are designed to run cool and clean, with a minimal amount of electrolyte.

We do not recommend using baking soda as an electrolyte as this will eat up the plates and cause premature life of your generator.

We use potassium hydroxide at very small amounts. Approximately 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. per 32 ounces of distilled water.

Using the potassium hydroxide will allow your water to run clear, clean, and the plates should last the lifetime of your vehicle, and it produces great hydrogen, baking soda will turn your generators brown and eat through your plates in a short period of time.