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Improve your Engine Performance with Our Complete HHO Generator Kits

Research and Development


   Just like you we were tired of all of our money going into the gas tank. So we've researched and found a way to make our vehicles run on less gas. It was very intense; first we looked into so many different places to purchase HHO generators. We purchased a single generator from some one on E-bay, however we completely replaced all of the components of that design and upgraded all of it (we had to make it work). We decided to make HHO generators that actually work. Ones that will  save you money at the gas pump.


   In our research and development stages we found three types of HHO generators that work the best. We worked on all the angles and found that the single carriage bolt design works with the proper amount of sodium hydroxide that will produce the proper amperage to get you generating enough HHO to see some improvement at the pump. With the single carriage bolt design we recorded anywhere from 8% to 15% increase in our gas mileage with a 2000 Buick Century using the O2 extenders.

   Then we wanted more, so we developed the three carriage bolt design, and tweaked that one as well. Again, we found that with the proper amounts of sodium hydroxide we could produce the amperage needed for HHO generation to see better results in the same amount of space. With this model we were able to achieve 15% to 25% increase in our gas mileage on the same 2000 Buick Century using O2 extenders.

   However, we were still not satisfied with that; we wanted more. So we went back to the drawing board and with some inspiration and a lot of trial and error we have created the 316L Stainless Steel plate design. Now we use less sodium hydroxide and we have achieved more amps. and better gas mileage than ever before. We are seeing any where from 30% to 45% increase in our gas mileage with the same 2000 Buick Century using O2 extenders. 




  Here at Hydro-Extra LLC we are always researching better ways to produce better products that work.

We have recently come up with some fantastic results using 316L stainless steel plate generators that produce HHO with less energy. We have designed a heavy duty cpvc lid that does not leak like others that are on the market.

We have recorded up to 2 lpm with our generators.

   All of our plates are pre sanded and the edges of the anodes and cathodes are radiused to prevent energy loss out of the edges, your best production is off the surface area so by radiusing the edges you get more production.

   Our plate configuration and design is getting positive results and our customers are pleased with the simplicity of our kits, and are getting instant mpg gains without all the headaches and frustration.

  • We use neutral plates to control the amperage.
  • We have debugged the process for you.
  • We have found that you do not need to spend all your savings on hundreds of gadgets to benefit from HHO.

   Our kits come with everything you need that adapt to just about any vehicle (some vehicles have a 2 bolt O2 sensor that our extenders will not adapt to).

   Our kits also come with inclusive instructions to assist you with the installation of your HHO generator(s)

Our kits also include the generator and bracket with all of the following. Intake manifold nutted elbow connector, hoses, check valve, 40 amp. relay, 30 amp. auto reset breaker, 35 amp. toggle switch, bubbler, flashback arrestor, an O2 extender,10 gauge wire with all your terminal connectors that you will need for a complete installation.

We believe you will be thrilled with the results that you will get from our generators, as we and all of our customers are fully satisfied.