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 Hi Bill & Diana,

 We took a ride to Govenour with our 2005 Mercury Sable and we traveled 76.9 mi. and used 2.5 gal of gas. I figured we went approximatly 30 mile on a  gallon of gas  not bad when we were getting 20.3. Let me know if I figured it right. Love to your generator and Thanks for everything.

Bill & Helen R.

Carthage, NY



When I first heard you could get beter mileage I was skeptical, but since I installed your generators they not only improved my mileage my 98 ford taurus has increased power and runs so much smoother.

Thank you Hydro- Extra for a great product.


Brownsville, Tx


Hi hydro-extra

I have been running the generator kit for almost a month now and I am picking up an additional 7-1/2 to 8 miles more in city driving but on the highway I have been seeing almost 15 mpg increases.

This technology is wonderful. I have been driving this same 2002 Honda Accord since it was new and am very impressed with it's increased performance and mileage since I installed your generators.


Tracy M.

Sayre, Pa.



bill,  just a note to let you know i have increased my milage from 17.4 to 22.8 with my generator.
  i installed it in a 1999 chevy blazer
thanks for all your help